Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Adorned' art show pics

I spent this past weekend with some very special ladies, creating, designing and adorning the Goorin Bros. Melrose Hat Shop. Renee Fontana created stunning floral, feather, and plant displays, accenting the art and merchandise exquisitely. Erin Ashford decorated the walls with her beautiful portraiture photography and mixed media pieces, which enhanced the space and complimented my paintings in perfect unison. Monique Sade Hernandez-Fuentes, our wonderful gallery assistant and Goorin merchandise expert, gave a helping hand and eye to all of our styling. The crew of the Melrose Hat Shop organized an amazing reception and were a great asset in the creation of this show. Many thanks to all the lovely ladies that made this trip, reception and installation a huge success!!!

All photos taken by Erin Ashford

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  1. I agree... this was an amazing show because I meet some great people who are so good at their jobs! Thanks to all for making it happen and to Goorin for giving us a beautiful space to create.


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