Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'Adorned' art opening the Sat, Nov 19th

GoorinBrothers in cooperation with the Cassel Gallery is proud to present ‘Adorned,’ a new art exhibit created by Amandalynn, Renee Fontana, and Erin Ashford. This collective of women has been working and showing together for several years, and has become a strong unit of inspiration and creativity. Each lady represents a different field of artwork. Amandalynn is a fine art painter, muralist, designer, and conservator, whose based out of San Francisco. She has been curating and exhibiting artwork in galleries and venues worldwide for many years. Amandalynn’s main subjects are seductive yet secretive women, adorned with an array of different accessories and stories. Her work has been greatly enhanced by her fellow artists, especially Renee Fontana and Erin Ashford.

ReneeFontana has been working as a dedicated floral designer and consultant for over 15 years. She has a passion for art and design, and has worked with Amandalynn on several interior mural installations and gallery shows, complimenting the artwork with floral sculpture. Passion coupled with experience has helped Renee deliver innovative arrangements that emphasize the symbolic relationship between art, nature, and design.
ErinAshford is a photographer and artist, trained as a still documentary photographer. She’s inspired by the constant evolution of women historically and culturally, and continues to empower people through candid and staged photography. Through stunning imagery of live performances, behind-the-scenes portraits, and her artistic creations, Erin is continually evolving. Erin Ashford and Amandalynn have shown artwork alongside each other for several years. Erin has an ability to capture the female form in a strong and sensual way, bringing to light something universal.
These three women have a long-term dedication and passion to all their creations. This newest exhibit, ‘Adorned’, is an exquisite display of a combination of all their talents. Please join them in celebrating their exhibit, hosted by Goorin Bros. Hat Company, opening on Saturday, November 19th, 2011 from 7-10pm at the Melrose Goorin Hat Shop in Los Angeles, CA.

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