Monday, February 2, 2015

Throughout time, artists of all kinds have been inspired by their lovers. Many times these inspiring entities are female characters whom entice, excite, or even disrupt an artist’s spirit. The term ‘Inamorata’ by definition means: a woman with whom one is in love, and is many times used in reference to a woman who inspires her lover's creativity.

 Video by: Chop Em Down Films
Music by: Glen Porter

 Amandalynn has curated an exhibition for 1AM Gallery, which includes a group of artists inspired by the theme ‘Inamorata’. Each artist in some way has created works in the past that exhibit a strong passion for feminine attributes. This small collection of extremely talented and diverse artistic entities will display a complete visual definition of inspiration through love and passion. 

 'Inamorata' mural by: Amandalynn and Annica Lydenberg

‘Inamorata’ opens, Thursday, February 5th, 2015 from 6:30-9:30pm. The exhibition will display all new works by included participants, as well as a custom mural by some of the artists on the exterior of the gallery.

 'Consumed' by: Vans the Omega

Artists included: Hueman, Vans the Omega, Jet Martinez, Monty Guy, Lady Mags, Joshua Lawyer, Annica Lyndenberg, Helice Wen, Melanie Alves, Houston Berry, Amandalynn

 Mural by: Jet Martinez