Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Midnight Masquerade' Commission

Title: 'Midnight Masquerade'    Medium: acrylic and spray on canvas

Here's some shots of my newest commission painting, done for a private client who really admires the 1920's film actresses. I was excited to revisit this theme and have been inspired to do another series influenced by the women of this time period.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Alynn-Mags hit MIA Art Basel 2012

Coming down off another amazing trip to Miami Art Basel, would have to say, the first thoughts that come to mind are exhaustion, inspiration, and a thirst to do it all again!!  We, Lady Mags and Amandalynn ( Alynn-Mags ),  teamed up with Ironlak spray paint company to create a very large scale piece in Miami's Wynwood District during Art Basel Miami 2012.

photo by NewTimes Miami - see article HERE

Inspired by classic 1950's Miami beach postcards, the Alynn-Mags duo went to Miami to outdo themselves. Instead of adorning pieces with Characters, the two really integrated their styles. Alynn used spray paint and brush to create the 'fill' of the 'A' in the Mags piece, while Mags was busy trying to avoid getting stung by wasps nesting in the daunting shrub below, and painting a piece three times her height....

And though it was a lot of work, there was definitely time to play and visit with friends, fellow writers, muralists, and artists alike.

Amandalynn / whiskey / Miami

CAVE 04 (our youngest writer friend)

Tatiana Suarez - Alynn's inspiration in the flesh!! 

Many, Many thanks to all the wonderful people who supported and helped make all of this happen! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Derby Fever is Sweeping SF

After a long couple weeks of building, painting, gold leafing, and prepping for inventory, the Flagship Derby Store opened yesterday on Haight street in San Francisco. There was a line wrapped around the block for over 4 hours, of true Derby Fans!! The news even came out to cover the madness
Derby of San Francisco is a workwear brand that began in 1963, it stopped production in the 90's, much to many people's dismay. But it is now back and in a big way. Check out this great video, highlighting the people of the Derby lifestyle, produced by Dylan Maddux.

You can find more info on Derby at there website

Monday, November 19, 2012

Peekaboo Products

Here are some great shots of my signature line, Peekaboo , with Goorin Bros. All the illustrations on the interiors are high end prints taken from original paintings I created. The inspiration behind these paintings were stunning photos of Jesse Lee and Justine,  captured by Ken Goto . The actual product shots were done by another very talented photographer, Dylan Maddux, and my models were the lovely Tatiana Suarez and Olga .  All the hair fascinators were designed by Christa Baker. This was such an amazing group of people to create and be inspired with!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Peekaboo Collection Release !!

I am very pleased to announce the launch of my custom line with Goorin Bros. called 'The Peekaboo Collection'. There will be an event at the North Beach Hat Shop in SF to celebrate the release, this Friday, November 16th from 6-9pm.

(video by Commission SF)
Inspired by the secretively risqué "Peekaboo" ties popular with gentlemen in the 1940's, this collection juxtaposes seriousness with sexiness, masculine with feminine and functionality with decorative. But the story of this collection came in threefold. First, Amandalynn collaborated with Goorin's original custom designer, Christa Baker, to produce headpieces complimenting the theme of Peekaboo. These pieces were then featured on Amandalynn's muses, Jesse Lee and Justine for a photo shoot with photographer Ken Goto. With all artists' talents combined, the resulting photos were nothing but jaw-dropping to say the least.

Finally, the photos became Amandalynn's inspiration for four original paintings - all of which contributed to the completion of the new collection showcasing hat styles for both men and women along with ties. Although a few new additions this year are: head-turning fascinators and hairpieces for women, hand painted limited edition items and custom Peekaboo hat boxes.

Please come join me in celebrating this inspiring and enticing line at our Peekaboo Release Party at the North Beach Goorin Shop in San Francisco, this Friday, November 16th. Thanks so much to everyone involved!! -Amandalynnn

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Check out this amazing show and video, 'Keys to the City', highlighting my good friend and super talented artist, Jurne.  The show opens this weekend in NYC at the Klughaus Gallery on Saturday, November 10th from 6-10pm. 
Click Here to watch the video

Monday, November 5, 2012

Alynn-Mags Fine Art

Alynn-Mags , consisting of Amandalynn and Lady Mags, are notoriously recognized by their street art compilations. However, they have started experimenting in a new realm of art, combining their fine art talents, and creating a whole new look for the artistic duo. Amandalynn is normally noted for her alluring female illustrations and fine art paintings, while Lady Mags' fine art tends to be more abstract, relying on color and shape to depict her intentions. These two new pieces are an exciting new step for both Amandalynn and Lady Mags, and they are excited on creating a series of similar work.

'Desire', watercolor and acrylic on water color paper, 16"x20", by Alynn-Mags

'Becoming Kisaeng', watercolor, guache, and acrylic on watercolor paper, 30"x40", by Alynn-Mags

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Amandalynn showing at 941 Geary

This coming Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 the Hell's Belles Car Club will be hosting their 7th annual Pinewood Derby Race and Silent auction a 941 Geary Gallery in San Francisco. I have donated my 'Flora Fox' painting, inspired by my favorite tattooed pin up , Jesse Lee.

Also donated is a new jacket from the classic Derby collection, check them out at

for more information about the event visit

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'All Dead' group show at Fice Gallery

This coming Friday, November 2nd, 2012 I will be exhibiting some new work at Fice Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am really honored to be part of this show, as some of my favorite artists will be showing along side me.

The piece that I am showing is titled 'Mi Abuelita', and is painted in acrylic on wood and collaged papers. Since the show is themed around the holiday of Día de los Muertos , I chose to do a piece dedicated the most influential woman in my life, my Gramma. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gato painting by Alynn-Mags

This past weekend, Lady Mags and I ( Alynn-Mags ) did a little live painting in San Francisco as part of the UP festival. This piece was dedicated to one of the coolest cats on the block, Morgana la Fey.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alynn-Mags News

Lady Mags and I have been hard at work, and prepping for some new projects as well. We just got some amazing photos shared with us by the super talented, Nick Lea Bruno . He captured us while painting our Fruity Anniversary wall, not only does he have a great eye for photography, but is always an excellent edition to the creative energy.

Up next...

This coming Saturday, October 20th from noon-3pm Alynn-Mags will be live painting at the Urban Prototyping Festival in SF , held at the corner of 5th and Mission streets. 

And in two weeks Alynn-Mags will be exhibiting at a private residence gallery show, more info on that to come....