Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jesse Lee modeling just for Me!

After our amazing Peekaboo photo shoot with Ken Goto last weekend. Jesse Lee and I set up another look, specifically for reference for some new Amandalynn paintings. I am working on a series called 'Flora N Fauna', dedicated to beautiful women, flowers and much more. The new pieces inspired by this shoot will be part of this series, and unveiled June 2nd at Cassel Gallery in SF. I'm so excited about this shoot and the opportunity!! Thanks again to the lovely Jesse Lee and Ken Goto for making this all come true


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sneak Peek at Peekaboo

This past weekend I was so very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some truly talented individuals, creating images for my exclusive Amandalynn Peekaboo Collection . This collection was developed last year through Goorin Bros. Hat Company, and was such a great success that we decided to create a second season. However, this year, I was given the opportunity to have full creative control. Starting with setting up a professional photo shoot with some of my most favorite models, Jesse Lee and Justine Ambat. They were so stunning and worked so hard, I can't thank them enough! The photos were taken by the charming Ken Goto and video work was captured by Marcell Turner...teaser video to be released soon! All hair styling, accessories, and makeup were headed up by Christa Baker, Jok, and Adina. These photos will be used as reference for my new Peekaboo illustrations, as well as some other fun editions to the collection. Stay tuned.....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Flora N Fauna mural progress

Lady Mags, Lea Bruno, and myself, Amandalynn, rocked out another Sunday painting and filming session, making some good progress on our 'Flora N Fauna' mural production. Lots of hard work and good times, looking forward to another session....

Monday, February 13, 2012

'Flora N Fauna' mural production begins

This past weekend, the lovely and talented, Lady Mags and I, Amandalynn, started our biggest mural production as of yet. It took two long days of prepping and sketching, but seems like a great start. We are painting this piece on the side of Scuderia West in SF. Mags and I are titling this piece 'Flora N Fauna', inspired by a new art show we are both participating in on June 2nd at Cassel Gallery. Below are some color studies, sketches, and the starting day photos....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feather Lady Notecard sets

Here is my first collection of exclusive Amandalynn note cards and envelope sets. After getting such a great response to my Holiday card envelopes, I decided to create a whole set of note cards and envelopes that would be available for purchase. Each set includes 6 note cards (3 with the 'Hope' image and 3 with the 'Dawn' image) and 6 envelopes with the 'Eve' image on the front and small return label on the backside (front labels must be written in a light colored ink in the lower right corner).
 Full Set
'Hope' note card
 'Dawn' note card
'Eve' envelope
I will have these sets available at Cassel Gallery for the 'American Made' reception this coming Saturday, February 4th. If you would like to purchase directly through me, please email me at . They are $25each for the set of 6 notecards and 6 envelopes , plus shipping.