Saturday, May 30, 2009

Link to Art Business review of Iconic Interpretaions

Lukas Stained Glass Studios, 152 Helena St, San Francisco, CA 94124: Iconic Interpretations.
Artists: Prairie Prince, Pete the Painter, Nick Lukas, Amandalynn, Sharon Collins, Stan Peskett, Lucien Shapiro, Marcus Pacheco, Stormie Mills, Margaretta Jo, Megan Shaffer, Aunia Kahn, Matt Gil, Tim Wallingher, Michael Holman, George Mead, Wythe Bowart, Robin Grass, Cyril Jordan, Paul Knotter, Charlie O¹Hanlon, Catherine Murty, Moira Lukas, Sue Grazier, Nikki Lukas, Dela Longfish, Holly Ellis, Erin Ashford, Lango, Bob Carrau, Jamai Lowell, Jon Weis, Lingam, Yoni.
Comment by AB: Major wingding here at a cherry venue. Organized by Amandalynn, the art is intended to incite lively discourse around the concept of the icon. The setting, Lukas Stained Glass Studio, cannot be more atmospheric, perched on the side of a steep hill almost directly beneath a freeway, and looking out onto San Francisco and the Bay. Plus guests get shuttled up the hill in an electric golf cart. Plus there's live harp music and a sumptuous spread. So beat that, my artful darlings.
The first floor of the building is crammed to the rafters with sheets of stained glass, a good deal of which is not even manufactured anymore according to principal Nick Lukas, grandson of the founder. Speaking of deals, Nick goes on to say that he's selling the entire stock of glass for $80K-- below wholesale he adds. Interested parties please contact him at 415.468.2147.
Meanwhile back at the show, highlights include Pete the Painter's fine rendition of the Madonna and Child, executed entirely in super gloss automobile enamel and gold leaf, Amandalynn's portrait of her sister in Carmen Miranda attire and holding her head on a plate, a sweet Jesus on a motorcycle gas tank, and Wythe Bowart's iconic representation of none other than... Wythe Bowart. And a mighty fine time is had by all. Double yo!

Juxtapoz article link posted by Katie Zuppann

Amandalynn has so many talents that sometimes it can be difficult to describe this multifaceted artist. From her introduction to the Bay Area street art and graffiti scene alongside Seventh Letter (Juxtapoz #78) members to her current work exploring the mediums of stained glass, sculpture restoration, set composition, apparel design, and custom motorcycle and car artistry, Amandalynn is one inspiring artist. And from a look at the new painting above, it's clear she has been pushing herself in a new direction.Amandalynn sent us an update saying, “This is a link to a new video documentary clip of me working on a project for Hattar Motors Custom Works. The release date for these custom triumphs is Saturday May 30th. More at and click on new videos on left hand side." A new painting series from Amandalynn promises to include large-scale paintings with bold imagery and intense detail. She writes, “I am also now setting up a new blog site to keep updated while the new is being built. It will have all new work and events posted daily.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pacha Mama

Pacha Mama is my current large scale project that will be part of the Next Flight series. It is 9ft x 6.5 ft and is the largest canvas I have ever painted. It is full of crazy detail and characters. Check out link to follow progress


This is my newest painting for the Next Flight series titled 'Silence'. It is 3ft x 4ft and is acrylic on canvas with white gold leaf accents.

New Sign Paint Job for Goorin

before and after
link to review of 'Iconic Interpretations Show'

Custom paint doc. for Hattar Motors

This is a link to a new video documentary clip of me working on a project for Hattar Motors Custom Works. The release date for these custom triumphs is Saturday May 30th. click on new videos on left hand side

Next Flight Series

Next Flight is a new series of paintings that I am doing. All are 3ftx4ft or larger and are filled with lots of detail, including tight line work, gold or silver leaf accents and bold imagery. I am really excited about this new direction and am focussing on making this into a new solo show project for next location still to be determined.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

'Our Lady Margareeta Chiquita' by Amandalynn

Acrylic and Gold, White Gold Leaf on Wood

painted for the Iconic Interpretations art show

Iconic Interpretaions Art Show

Iconic Interpretations 4/

Inconic Interpretations
Iconic Interpretations is an art show displaying the images created by the thought and devotion of an ’Icon’. The inspiration for this show was drawn from the building in which the opening is to be held. The studio is the former location of Lukas Stained Glass Studios, which is still filled with an incredible display of stained glass samples and images created for churches and homes over the past 80 years. Recently Prairie Prince, Amandalynn, Sharon Collins, Pete the Painter and Nick Lukas have started using the space as their paint studio. It is an amazing space to create within, and they wish to celebrate it and the new work created by them and many others in this new art show, Iconic Interpretations. The opening will be held Saturday, May 9th, 2009 from 7pm-10pm at 152 Helena St, San Francisco, CA 94124. For any further information please contact Amandalynn, or Prairie Prince, prairie .