Saturday, May 30, 2009

Link to Art Business review of Iconic Interpretaions

Lukas Stained Glass Studios, 152 Helena St, San Francisco, CA 94124: Iconic Interpretations.
Artists: Prairie Prince, Pete the Painter, Nick Lukas, Amandalynn, Sharon Collins, Stan Peskett, Lucien Shapiro, Marcus Pacheco, Stormie Mills, Margaretta Jo, Megan Shaffer, Aunia Kahn, Matt Gil, Tim Wallingher, Michael Holman, George Mead, Wythe Bowart, Robin Grass, Cyril Jordan, Paul Knotter, Charlie O¹Hanlon, Catherine Murty, Moira Lukas, Sue Grazier, Nikki Lukas, Dela Longfish, Holly Ellis, Erin Ashford, Lango, Bob Carrau, Jamai Lowell, Jon Weis, Lingam, Yoni.
Comment by AB: Major wingding here at a cherry venue. Organized by Amandalynn, the art is intended to incite lively discourse around the concept of the icon. The setting, Lukas Stained Glass Studio, cannot be more atmospheric, perched on the side of a steep hill almost directly beneath a freeway, and looking out onto San Francisco and the Bay. Plus guests get shuttled up the hill in an electric golf cart. Plus there's live harp music and a sumptuous spread. So beat that, my artful darlings.
The first floor of the building is crammed to the rafters with sheets of stained glass, a good deal of which is not even manufactured anymore according to principal Nick Lukas, grandson of the founder. Speaking of deals, Nick goes on to say that he's selling the entire stock of glass for $80K-- below wholesale he adds. Interested parties please contact him at 415.468.2147.
Meanwhile back at the show, highlights include Pete the Painter's fine rendition of the Madonna and Child, executed entirely in super gloss automobile enamel and gold leaf, Amandalynn's portrait of her sister in Carmen Miranda attire and holding her head on a plate, a sweet Jesus on a motorcycle gas tank, and Wythe Bowart's iconic representation of none other than... Wythe Bowart. And a mighty fine time is had by all. Double yo!

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