Friday, September 2, 2011

'Majesty' opens Thurs. Sept. 8th

This is an invitation to my upcoming show, 'Majesty', which is a group art show curated by myself,  Amandalynn , and hosted by Wonderland Gallery. By definition, Majesty means the quality of being big, beautiful, or impressive in a calm and serious way. I have invited some of my most favorite and serious artists to join in, and simply do 'what they do best'. The show opens Thursday, September 8th from 8-11pm.

 Participating Artists:  Lucien Shapiro, Aunia Kahn, Margaretta, Amandalynn, Megan Shaffer, Charlie O'Hanlon, Steel, Marcus Pacheco, Lango, Chris Edmunds, Anna Delis, Prairie Prince, Wythe Bowart, Josh Powell, Push, Eric Joyner, Mark Campbell, Kukula

with a special live musical performance by The Feral Cats from 9:30-10pm

Wonderland Gallery
2929 24th Street @ Alabama
San Francisco, CA 94110

Sponsored by A Band of Wives and specialty drinks sponsored by Wahaka Mezcal

Lucien Shapiro
Aunia Kahn
Megan Shaffer
Charlie O'Hanlon
Marcus Pacheco
Chris Edmunds
Anna Delis
Prairie Prince
Wythe Bowart
Josh Powell
Eric Joyner
Mark Campbell

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