Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jarritos Flavor City Contest Winners

First Place- Oscar Meza
Age: 28
Hometown: San Diego
Occupation: Student

“What inspired my piece started off as some sketches on a pad. Being that Jarritos was founded in Mexico, I wanted my illustration to reflect that authenticity. It almost felt obvious to incorporate a Luchador. I wasn’t sure who I was drawing at the time; but ironically, some of my friends said that the character kind of looked like me.”
“Wining this competition has made my year. It is such an honor to have been chosen amongst the other great competitors. I feel very lucky and humble to have won. Winning the year supply of Jarritos has made my belly smile, and having my art published has fed my artistic ego. But to my surprise, the best part of winning thus far is making my friends and family proud!”
Second Place- Zofia Bogusz
Zofia Bogusz was born in Poland in the '80s. She lives and works in New York City, where she received a degree from the School of Visual Arts. Zofia regularly exhibits her art, and enjoys doing freelance illustration. 
Zofia paints women against bold and dramatic landscapes, in which natural elements such as water and sunlight color the dynamic between the individual and the external world. She strives to render the balance of effortless beauty and strength that exists within the female form. Zofia's paintings are inspired by individual histories, memories, and experiences. Pop culture imagery also plays a crucial role in her work, creating a grounded sense of the everyday. 
Zofia's mediums of choice are oil paint, graphite, and colored pencils on hand-cut wood.
Third Place- Geraldine Said
Geraldine Said is from Mexico City and has worked at Grey Mexico as the Art Director. Currently she is living in Los Angeles and helping her husband with his boutique Ariane. Since moving to Los Angeles, Geraldine has been doing freelance work. When she isn’t working she loves immersing herself in photography and her charity organization H.A.T (

Runner's Up
4)Florian Mihr
5)AndrezJ Wieteska
7)Minerva T
9)Ted Stanley
10)Kate Fitzgerrell

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