Monday, December 15, 2014

'Natural Attraction' Mural Project

'Natural Attraction' by: Amandalynn
9'x25' Acrylic on Canvas
Installed in private office gallery in Denver, CO

I recently completed one of my largest solo commission mural pieces, titled 'Natural Attraction'. It was commissioned by a private client with the intention of being displayed in his beautiful office building in Denver, Co. The mural, measuring approximately 9ft x 25ft, was painted on one large continuous piece of canvas in my studio in San Francisco. After completing the piece in 7 very long days, I rolled it up, hopped on a plane and met a crew of wall paper hangers in Denver. We then used wall paper adhesive and glued up the final piece, after adding a few finishing touches on site, the installation was a success. I feel very honored to have been given the opportunity to create my own vision within such a beautiful setting.  

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