Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hand Painted Linings are Done!!

For the upcoming release of my exclusive Peekaboo Collection with Goorin Bros, I have been working hard on creating a series of 'Handpainted' linings for both hats and ties. The Peekaboo collection consists of hats and ties with hidden Lady treasures on the inside linings. Most of the Peekaboo Lady images are sublimated on fabric, but for this exclusive series, I hand painted the linings. There will be 100 American Made black fedoras with hand painted custom linings, and 50 nice black wool ties with hand painted linings and a custom Peekaboo tie bar. The entire line will be released the beginning of November 2012. This was a tedious undertaking, but I am glad that people will be able to enjoy my paintings as custom wearable art.

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