Monday, August 13, 2012

'Relics of the New World' opens this Sat

Relics of the New World
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 18th, 8:00-11:00pm
August 18th – September 28, 2012

Cassel Gallery and Goorin Bros. Hat Company are proud to present Relics of the New World, a group exhibition featuring Lucien Shapiro, Henry Lewis, Lango Olivera, and Charlie O’HanlonRelics challenges the fate of forgotten things in a world of excess, and breathes new life into discarded and found objects. By repurposing objects, Shapiro and O’Hanlon create a narrative of nostalgia and wonderment in the modern relic. Both artists use discarded materials to construct a new item, wholly different from the pieces used to construct it. The attention to detail and the meticulous nature of the process compels viewers to stay with the work, evaluate its construction, and delight in recognizing artifacts from our history.  

Shapiro’s current body of mixed media sculpture focuses on masks and weaponry constructed from mostly discarded objects. Relics includes a series of head masks made from discarded plastic bags and a more elaborate headdress made from salvaged bottle caps. Shapiro also utilizes studs and spikes often associated with punk rock belts and jackets, to make decorative and utilitarian armor for his weapons.

O’Hanlan describes his art practice as “redemption” of classic 60’s and 70’s Honda motorcycles. He treasures the discarded pieces of these bikes until he finds a suitable way to revitalize them through incorporation in an art piece. O’Hanlon’s work strives to revive old metal parts to their “former glory” by changing them into original works of art.

Joining O’Hanlon and Shapiro are famed tattoo artists Lango Olivera and Henry Lewis. Olivera and Lewis can be found at Skull and Sword tattoo shop and share a painting studio in San Francisco. The two are fascinated by weaponry and armor, and often collaborate on pieces depicting these themes. Lewis in particular, has an interest in knights, which are a reoccurring theme in his paintings. Both artists depict aggressive, shadowy imagery heavily influenced by their experience with tattooing.

Relics of the New World celebrates metal, armor, and weaponry, examining these antiquated relics in the context of the contemporary moment. By utilizing modern reclaimed objects, and borrowing from the tattoo esthetic, the metal and armor presented in Relics is innovative and compelling. We hope you join us for a night of art and music featuring new work from Shapiro, O’Hanlon, Olivera, and Lewis.

Participating artists: Lucien Shapiro, Charlie O’Hanlon, Lango Olivera, and Henry Lewis

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Cassel Gallery
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