Sunday, May 27, 2012

'Few n Far' Anniversary Art Show in Seattle

One year ago, the Few N Far women gathered in Oakland, CA to paint their first all female mural production. Organized by crew member, Meme, women traveled from all over the country to paint. This was just the beginning of what became an amazing year for Few and Far. We painted, traveled, and formed strong friendships over the course of this past year. To celebrate the greatness of what has evolved in such a short span of time, Few and Far , is hosting a one year anniversary art show on Friday, June 8th, 2012 at the Bherd Gallery in Seattle.  Many of the women will be in attendance at the opening, then painting the next day in Seattle.  If you are in the area, come out and show some love to some really amazing women!

Participating artists:
Amanda Lynn (San Francisco)
Reds (Miami)
Lady Mags (Oakland)
Siloette/Meagan Spendlove (San Francisco)
Meme (Northern CA)
Hops (Seattle)
179 (Seattle)
Ksra (Seattle)
Glow (SD)
Dime (Oakland)
Agana (Oakland)
Erin Yoshi (LA)
TooFly (NYC)
Ursula Young (Northern CA)
REZ (Northern CA)
Erin Ashford (San Francisco)

 These are the two pieces that I will have on display. The first one is titled 'Queen Bees', and is inspired by all the ladies who participated in our Miami Art Basel 2011 Queen Bee mural production. The painting is a compilation of all the sketches done, each lady is represented somewhere within the painting. It was a really fun piece to work on, as I felt like I was paying tribute to each woman individually and showing how each supports the image as a whole. 

This second piece is titled 'Lady Mags', and was inspired by her! The inspiration photo was take by Nick Lea Bruno . Both paintings are done in acrylic on wood and collaged papers. 

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