Sunday, April 17, 2011

Russian River Goddess's

This past week, Prairie Prince and I went up to the Guernville, CA on the Russian River to install the marque for the newly refurbished Russian River Theater. This was no small task and we were fortunate to have the assistance of the owner and visionary, Jerry Knight, and some other helpful friends. Prairie and I painted the River Goddess's in his studio in San Francisco and will be applying lettering and further clear coats within the next week. We are very pleased to be such a featured part of  Russian River community.


  1. makes me smile so damn big... and want to grab a mimosa down at the grill ;)

  2. Wow ! I will go and see This ...seeing that I live So close and all :-) LOL ! seriously, from what I see ...Great Job, Prairie and friends ! :-O ...amazin' -- good day to you, Rick ...from sunny santa rosa, Ca. :-)


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