Sunday, December 12, 2010

Virtuoso Art and Music Event


Come celebrate the incredible lifetime talent of Prairie Prince, an extremely prolific artist, musician and mentor to myself, as he turns 60 years old this year. We plan on having live bands performing with and for Prairie during the evening, as well as a large group art show. The name is of event is ‘Virtuoso’, and the theme is art inspired by music and music that inspires art. The term ‘Virtuoso’ is defined as ‘A person with masterly skill or technique in the arts’. We hope to capture that idea in this show and give some new and old talented individuals a new platform to shine. Please join us in this celebration coming up this….

Saturday, December 18th, 2010, 7-11 pm
Stained Glass Studio
152 Helena Street
San Francisco, CA 94124

Artists/Musicians:  Prairie Prince, Pete the Painter, Nick Lukas, Moira Lukas, Kiki Smith, Amandalynn, Margaretta, Lucien Shapiro, Anna Delis, Eric Joyner, Wythe Bowart, David Bataglia, Trevor Tubelle, Holly Ellis, Charlie O’Hanlon, George Mead, Doris Jean Brown, Devon Raphael, Kai Eide, Stan Peskett, Winston Smith, Iris, Mihalis Papafrangou, Paul Knotter, Robin Grass, Jin Chon, Sharon Collins, Steel, Reyes, Ashley Despain, Joan Mangano, Monique, Rob Morgan, Anne Herbst, Michael Holman, Jean Lannen, Josh Powell, Polly Bettencourt, Sean Bringas, Nick Portiluppi, Taco, Susan Cervantas, Oliver Fader, Jaime VJ Cat, Georgia Peskett, Barbara Golden, Cyril Jordan, Hugh Brown, Bill Spooner, Diana Mangano, Walter Medeiros, Satty, Liz Hall, David Denny, Kathy Peck, Reuben Raphael, Rael Razor, Scott Mathews, Geoffrey Knoop, Jim Thomas, Keith Graves, Jennifer Burns, Fee Waybill, Roger Steen, Atom Ellis, Dave Medd, Zachary Blizzard, Brittany Gale, David Freiberg, Bobby Vega, Pollo Enfermo, Pete Mc Coy, Dave Oliver, Phil Parks, Kelso Martinis, Cannons and Clouds, CVS, Rick Anderson, Jeff Tamilier, Titan Ups, Paul Koph, Magic Christian, Martyn Jones, Mermen, Michael Ward, Dogs and Fish, Joe Mirante, Mike Nelson, Marshall Holmes, Howard Danchik, Allyson Lovejoy, Keith Dion, The Tubes, and special guests…

For any further questions, etc, please contact Amandalynn,

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