Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Guardian Art Show

Guardian Art Show

This is an invitation to enjoy the works of an artist collective working in our stained glass/paint studio. Our previous Icon show was such a success that we have decided to do it again. The studio is part of the former historic Lukas Stained Glass studio owned by Nick Lukas, and is an incredible piece of art and history just in itself. Our group of artists have been creating and inspiring each other in this space for almost a year now, and the progress is amazing. This new show is based on the theme of the Guardian Angel. Fortunately, the size of this building has given we the artists to opportunity to create some very large scale artwork. Both Prairie Prince, and myself, Amandalynn, are working on canvases that stretch more than 9ft in height. We are honored to have such an incredible space and to be surrounded by such prolific artists, and look forward to sharing our creations with you.

For more information please contact Amandalynn, or Prairie Prince,

Show opening Saturday, December 19th , 2009 from 7pm-10pm

Prairie Prince, Pete the Painter, Amandalynn, Wythe Bowart, Nick Lukas, Moria Lukas, Margaretta, Jin Kim Chon, Matt Gil, George Mead, Lucien Shapiro, Sharon Collins, Stan Peskett, Paul Knotter, Megan Shaffer, Tom Rudolph, Charlie O’Hanlon, Catherine Murty, Gretchen Hodgins, Devon Raphael

Angelic Entertainment:
Diana Mangano and Allison Love Joy

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