Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Custom Ducati Tank

Faux gas level with gold fish detail

Faux gas level window

Original tank with the fiber glass window used to meter the gas levels

This is a cool project I just finished at work. It is a polished aluminum tank done by the very talented Evan Wilcox, which is a replication of a fairly rare Ducati tank. I was asked to redo the same paint scheme and faux paint in the gas gauge, which at the time was observed by leaving a strip of the fiber glass tank not painted. The fiberglass resin is translucent so you could actually see into the tank to the the level of gas. I faux painted the strip of fiber glass onto the aluminum tank, then faux painted a gas level line and added the customer's favorite bug eyed gold fish swimming in the gas. Then painted all the lettering and stripes on as well. This is one of the more fun restoration jobs I have done.

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