Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ichiban Honda custom restoration

My friend Charlie O'Hanlon from Charlie's Place, a complete antique Honda motorcycle restoration shop in SF, just sent me these pics of a custom 55o Honda that he finished putting toghether and that I painted pretty much every single part of... you can see more of Charlie's work at


  1. nice 550! where'd you get that 4 into 1?

  2. bought it in sf, was looking for the 77 for a time. i fell hard for that header.

    thanks to amanda for the paint.

  3. paint work is great. if I tear the engine apart to fix the shifting forks and oil leaks I might do some cosmetic upgrades to mine. can you get more of the headers and pipes. who makes them?

  4. dunno, these are stock (with polish!)...are you in the bay area? if so ask charlie, he'll set you up.


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